Monday, June 28, 2010

The Difference Between Sookie and Snookie

Here is the differences between Sookie from HBO's True Blood and Snookie from MTV's The Jersey Shore.

One lives with the cold and undead, and her life is controlled by the sun. She was born into misery, in a region of this country filled with ignorance and hate. When we first met her, she was beaten within an inch of her life - and she is a character so ridiculous, it makes sense for her to be fictional.

And the other is played by Anna Paquin.


  1. Hi Steve... I knew it was going to end something like that, but the description was well put. Nicely done

  2. That's quite a description, did you copy it from her eHarmony listing? Good stuff, sir.

  3. Seriously, though, what is a "Snookie?"


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