Saturday, July 17, 2010

Politics Are For Hot Naked People

Meet Sanziana Buruiana. Thanks to Seth Freeland (hi Seth), I have the heads up that she's a model from Romania who wants to start a political party for "beautiful people." It's a shame, because she wouldn't be able to join.

Take a look. Her face has a twinge of inbred to it, her boobs are somewhat lopsided, and her hair reminds me of several bad guys from Disney movies. She's the kind of girl you'd think was hot if you were staying with her in a youth hostel, but certainly not beautiful enough to start a political party based on it.

Sure, I'm being harsh, but if you're going to say that life is only for the good looking, you better damn well be a perfect ten. Maybe that was just a bad picture? Google Images tells me otherwise.

Check it out, it's Paris Hilton's Eurotrash cousin! Who would probably be named Denver Hilton.

Buruiana also said that she'd jail people who would make blonde jokes, assuming she understands them. I wonder what she'll do to people who make jokes about people with white hair.

One of her other platforms (ha, platforms!) include laws that only allow girls in bikinis to be tour guides. Just so you know, this is a Romanian tour guide:

Does that bikini come in paisly? Of course, this woman would no longer be fat, since Buruiana wants to impose a fat tax of $10 Euros per kilo per month. Someone should explain to Buruiana that she's a 23-year-old anorexic, and the second she gets to old to be a model (you know, in two years), she'll blow up like her last name was Hindenberg.

But the most hilarious part of the story is that Buruiana wants to impose a fine of $100 Euros for infidelity. First, that means she's obviously been cheated on. Second, she thinks that a hundred thirty bucks will stop a man from cheating on his wife. Wake up - he pays more than that just to take his mistress to dinner. And in the states, we already have a fine for infidelity - it's called losing half of your shit.

Buruiana doesn't care that Romania's economy makes Michigan look good. That Romania's top pop singer just killed herself by overdosing on insecticide. Or that 21 people died because it rained. All the-Heidi-Montag-of-Romania cares about is that Romanian people need to get prettier.

Looking at some of her pictures, I agree.


  1. Are you sure 23 wasn't her IQ? I have a blonde joke: Sanziana Buruiana. Does her name rhyme so she can remember it? What's her political party? The Tea Baggers?

  2. Considering that Michelle Obama keeps talking against deserts and this twit wants to make a fat tax, I think she's more likely a democrat, Ace.

  3. Perhaps something got lost in translation after she heard that Bushes get elected in the U.S. all the time. And after Sarah Palin is elected, bimbos WILL run the world. Therefore, you misunderestimate Buruiana and your criticism of her has been refudiated.

  4. She must know that we have an ass for a political symbol in the USA so why not try to duplicate that success in Romania? Her party? Maybe the two baggers.


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